MindTime will blow your mind with its profound insights into human behavior.

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MindTime represents a transformative leap in our understanding of human psychology, marking the most significant advancement in over a century and a half. This paradigm shift moves us from interpretations rooted in the observational analysis of traits—such as those identified by OCEAN, DISC, and MBTI—to an understanding framed by a universal phenomenon: the biology of human psychology, which underpins our core priorities. This revolutionary approach shifts the focus from mere observations of behavior to understanding the underlying reasons for our thoughts and actions.

Insights gained through the framework

MindTime is unique in its ability to help people make sense of people’s behaviors and the thinking behind them. This is true for audiences, organizations, and individuals. Traditional personality models focus on observable traits and their many subsets. These allow for insight into a narrow set of behavioral characteristics. MindTime delves deeply into the fundamental perspectives that shape how individuals perceive and interact with the world, and how all traits and subsets actually happen. MindTime frames the biology of psychology and the internal logic of thought. Its simplicity and scientific elegance make it accessible to everyone, while statistically it turns researchers’ heads.

By emphasizing our deepest cognitive patterns and thought processes, the MindTime framework offers deep insights into how individuals approach problem-solving, decision-making, and communication, and a great deal more. What it does is uncover underlying thinking and behavioral patterns that shape people’s lives.

This wholistic framing enables a more comprehensive analysis and understanding making MindTime a powerful tool for many disciplines.

About the MindTime Foundation

The MindTime Foundation is a Dutch foundation engaged in education and behavioral research and committed to social impact for good. The foundation controls the use of the MindTime intellectual property. It receives a royalty from the commercial license holder, a privately held Dutch company. This partnership, joined by deeply shared values and aims, enables continuous research to be carried out by our in-house researchers and independent researchers in academia. It also allows for our educational program development and outreach.

MindTime Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a recently launched initiative to involve and share insightful data with the public about how our thinking drives our opinions and views on so many things. People who sign up for Citizen Science will receive an occasional email with a mini survey on important current events. Once they’ve responded they get access to results and narrative insights. This eye-opening awareness initiative will soon be available to educational organizations so they can benefit by learning from their own audiences. Inquiries are taken here.


Thermomaps are powerful visual tools that predict people’s responses. They illustrate the statistical likelihood of individuals with different thinking styles responding in particular ways to specific questions or scenarios.

Here are three poll items we are running:

I don’t trust people easily

In a year of elections, I think I have good options to choose from

I’m optimistic about the future

The key to reading the thermomap

A thermomap shows the range from negative to positive in people’s responses, blue indicates minimal resonance (negative) and red indicates strong resonance (positive), with the question. Yellow represents a more neutral sentiment.