Our Mission

The MindTime Foundation’s mission is to help people understand people by providing a universal framework of understanding. This framework of understanding is called the MindTime theory and it is a well-published scientific theory that reveals the internal logic of thought. It proposes a time-based framework for understanding human thinking—perception, motivation, and behaviour.

Who We Are

The MindTime Foundation is a Dutch Stichting (not-for-profit). We are based in the north of the Netherlands.

Founded as a social impact initiative, the foundation blends economic sustainability with positive social impact values. A key element of the foundation’s work towards achieving this economic and social sustainability is to encourage independent commercial and noncommercial efforts to leverage the MindTime body of work thus expanding its universal adoption.

MindTime Holding B.V. is based in the Netherlands and was set up as the licensing organisation responsible for securing and managing all licensing of MindTime digital tools (API-SDK). This arrangement enables the adoption of MindTime through an open innovation licensing program and provides access to MindTime tools and content.

We also provide digital content, videos, webcasts, educational lectures, private workshops, and public speaking.

Six principles we follow


Data about us as individuals and collectives can be abused. We will always exercise the greatest caution when licensing our intellectual property to 3rd parties. When in any doubt the answer is no. This is especially true in areas such as AI and machine learning.


We do not base what we pay attention to on wealth, power, or status. Our mission is to help all people understand people. Our decisions are based on the alignment of vision and social impact.


In today’s technological world it is through technologies that we must reach people. To our best capabilities, we want to provide open access to people wanting to build their own Powered by MindTime projects.


We will always strive to not have the cost of access to our tools be prohibitive to people and organisations (such as in education). Where cost is an issue we will work on an individual basis with an institution to find a way.


While not a public foundation, we will always strive to operate in an open and transparent way. Our mission demands that we connect with people openly and widely. That is our stance.


It is and has been since our inception possible for a person to learn their Thinking Style without having to identify themselves or provide personal information. We value privacy greatly. We developed MindTime keys as a way to ensure that people’s privacy could be absolutely maintained by organisations and professionals that adopt our tools.