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Take the survey + Citizen Science research
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Take the survey only
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What is MindTime Citizen Science?

By participating in Citizen Science you’ll not only learn a lot about yourself in your free FULL report, which you can put to immediate good use, you will also continue to benefit as you will have members only access (Citizen Science participants) to special insights gleaned from polls that may profoundly impact how you understand yourself, others, and the world around you.
At the MindTime Foundation we are committed to helping people understand people. Our Citizen Science program invites you to participate in science for the social good.
The big question we’re trying to answer is WHY?
WHY do we do things the way we do them?
WHY do we make the choices we make?

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25 years of research has taught us a lot. Bottom line, understanding thinking matters. Its impact on us personally and collectively is profound.