Harness the power of thinking diversity in teams

Are you looking for powerful tools that quickly diagnose team dynamics and provide insights that take a team’s game to the next level?

Rooted in the MindTime framework, this program reveals the roles people will most naturally play to deliver value and addresses issues affecting communication, collaborative effectiveness, decision-making, innovation, productivity, and performance.

“This turned on the light for every team member …our team became balanced and effective.”
Cindi Miller, Manager, Merrill Lynch

Elevate Your Team Building Skills by Unlocking the Power of the MindTime Framework and Tools for Yourself

  • Access all you need in your MindTime Tools Dashboard – simple to use, fast to get started and very useful to help solve the biggest challenges facing individuals, pairs and teams
  • Every participant receives a personal Thinking Style report
  • 4 simple diagnostics predict the team’s dynamics and how they affect communication, effectiveness, decision-making, innovation, productivity, and performance.
  • Automatically generated maps based on everyone’s Thinking Style offer powerful visual tools
  • Leverages the team’s diversity of thinking and works as a catalyst for collaborative transformation
  • Diagnostics predict and actionable solutions address potential issues in positive, safe, and constructive ways so that the team feels able and confident to be accountable for the dynamics at work.
Up your skills by incorporating MindTime methods in your team building

Elevate your expertise and ability to catalyze positive change in teams. Think in Sync is a program we’ve developed that empowers you to understand and leverage the diversity of Thinking Styles present in teams. It offers a scientific approach to team building that enhances collaboration, decision-making, and overall productivity. It has been tried and tested on 1000s of teams over 20 years. However, with MindTime team building tools you can develop your own programs and solutions. This is just one way of approaching fundamental team dynamics.

Find all the training you need to use MindTime in your dashboard

MindTime is powerful because it is simple and people quickly get it, and so will you. Find all of the learning materials you need to adopt MindTime into your team building in your dashboard. Access video tutorials, books, exercises, and explanatory texts—all the resources you need to get going quickly. Many facilitators start out by sharing the instructional videos provided with their teams. 0-60 in no time!
There is training available for those who want it, and a certification program. Need a quick 20-minute demo of the tools or want to know more about certification? Click here.

Insightful tools help you prepare more effectively for your facilitation sessions by ‘knowing your room’

Prepare with confidence using your dashboard prep tools. Tap into the room’s culture. Find out, do people share similar Thinking Styles or are they all over the map and richly diverse? Benefit from resources that equip you to fully engage with each person by recognizing their thinking and needs. This builds psychological safety ensuring a smooth and impactful workshop experience for everyone.

Team-facing visual tools reveal the group’s composition and predict dynamics. This is a huge attention getter.

You can transform your team’s experience and self-awareness with a variety of dynamic visual tools that reveal their thinking at work. Your dashboard generates MindTime maps that show relative differences in people’s Thinking Styles, you can overlay these with diagnostic layers providing a clear visual insight into the team’s dynamics. We provide you with all that you need to easily navigate and lead team building sessions with confidence.

Interested in finding out more about how to use

MindTime Tools?

Experience How Teams Shift

Trust Grows, Communication Improves, and Enthusiasm Soars

Discover the profound impact of collective team thinking as it reframes ideas around team diversity—people’s differences—and acts as a catalyst for transformation. With each team member receiving a personal Thinking Style report, the program facilitates natural growth in people’s shared awareness, their understanding of each other, building trust, and improved communication. As a facilitator, you’ll witness team members appreciating each other’s value fostering an environment where everyone feels accountable, appreciated and heard, the basis of trust building.

Don’t let predictable tensions between Thinking Styles derail your team’s success. This approach provides the framework and common language to address these dynamics head-on. Break free from the confusion, intervene in your team’s process, and watch as Past, Present, and Future thinking evolve to work harmoniously in collaboration.

MindTime Tools—your partner in facilitating collaborative, innovative, and high-performing teams.

Optional Training & Certification Program

Using the MindTime tools and Think in Sync doesn’t require certification. All the necessary knowledge and materials are provided on your digital dashboard. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-learn process that you can apply right away!

So, why should you consider training and becoming certified?
Our Certification program offers numerous valuable benefits that enhance your authority, delivery, and reputation:
  • Feature your Certification digital badge on social media
  • Access support from MindTime facilitators throughout your adoption of MindTime
  • Receive expert briefings on high-value audiences, enabling deeper insights
  • Enjoy discounted Office hours coaching
  • Participate in a monthly webinar exclusively for certified professionals. These webinars focus on special topics and provide opportunities to share and learn
  • Join our Professionals Slack Community to connect with like-minded individuals
  • Be among the first to learn and benefit from our latest innovations in MindTime and the science behind it.
The Certification process is simple and consists of the following steps:
  • Attend two 2-hour MindTime trainers workshops online
  • Receive 2-3 hours of coaching to enhance your implementation skills
  • Submit two recordings of you delivering Think in Sync
  • MindTime will review your submission and grant certification upon successful completion of all requirements.

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